Gleim CMA Test Prep

Gleim CMA Test Prep 47.0

A set of test scenarios for learning improvements
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It contains multiple scenarios for tests containing study and research information. The interface provides editing options and multiple templates with specific curriculum types. It displays a series of questions, monitors the answers, occasionally presents hints and corrections, etc.

The innovative Gleim Test Prep is designed to improve your study process and test your knowledge in a familiar interactive environment with CMA exam questions.
Each library covers a different part of the exam and includes hundreds of questions, including additional study questions not found in the books. Both parts of the exam are on one download, each part purchased separately.
The software is divided into the same 20 study units as in the Gleim CMA Review books.
CMA Test Prep allows you to print your own exams to study in test conditions


Study and Test Sessions
Study sessions give you instant feedback on each answer with detailed explanations. Test sessions provide you with a simulated exam environment, the best way to test your understanding.
Performance Tracking
Follow your progress as you take each study or test session. See where you need to improve and how well prepared you are for the CMA exam.
Prometric Computer Testing
Introduces you to the computerized testing format so you will be familiar with the "look" of the exam.
Downloadable Update Patches
Question and program updates for current edition(s) are available via the Internet, FREE!
Extensive Help System
Easy-to-understand Help files offer extensive information for users to help them get the best experience possible out of CMA Test Prep.
User-Friendly Interface
Using a format similar to most windows programs, CMA Test Prep utilizes both the mouse and keyboard for maximum ease of use.
Quick and Easy Install
CMA Test Prep installs quickly and easily onto your computer.

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